Our chefs have spent many years to perfect our dishes,
so our guests can have their best time and to enjoy our secret recipe.

We specialize in traditional "Kushiage".

Kushiage is essentially deep fried food on a stick or more specifically, battered meat, fishes and vegetables. Our cuisine is based on the use of fresh and pure seasonal ingredients, therefore, the menu changes monthly. It is one of the best way to enjoy Japanese food and seasonal ingredients. It would be our pleasure to serve you at our three restaurants in Fukuoka.


  • Hakata Sta. Chikushi Guchi

  • Watanabe Dori

  • Tenjin 3-chome

  • Hakata Sta. Hakata Guchi

  • Shimokawabata


Kushishou always followed a philosophy of contributing to society through its business activities, and strive every day to provide a service that will please and satisfy our customers. We are currently looking for Franchise Partners who share our philosophy and the same dream.