Kushishou always followed a philosophy of contributing to society through its business activities, and strive every day to provide a service that will please and satisfy our customers. We are currently looking for Franchise Partners who share our philosophy and the same dream.

Long time favorite Our restaurant has been loved by numerous gourmands regardless of whether it is in or out of Japan since its opening in Fukuoka in 1992. We make sure every guests enjoys their priceless experience with us. To achieve this, delicious dishes are not the only way. Restaurant atmosphere, service, and our behavior towards customers perfect the experience we offer. Kushishou is the perfect location to host your business dinners, family reunions, birthday dinners and more.

Our menus are very popular among all generation from children to adults. All of the dishes are handmade with fresh local ingredients, not only "Kushiage" but also white sauces, vinegars and pickled vegetables.

We change Kushiage skewer menus monthly, and prepare 30 types of Kushiage skewers everyday. Our chefs are extremely creative in constructing innovative recipes, such as "Ice Cream Kushiage", "Muscat Butter Kushiage" which makes a deep impression on our customers. You will never get bored with our wonderful dishes.

Keys to success

  • 1

    It is possible to acquire the knowledge and skills in a relatively short time. Kushiage cooking is actually easy for simplicity.

  • 2

    The major restaurants have been far from active when it comes to Kushiage markets. Because, It takes time and effort to prepare Kushiage, therefore, convert manual operations to mechanized system is difficult.

  • 3

    Due to the lack of fierce competition, expected to attract customers relatively easily.

  • 4

    Since Kushiage require a few necessary cooking equipments, You are able to open the restaurant in a narrow space.

  • 5

    It is possible to open our restaurants in a narrow space, so requires less start-up capital for equipment, maintain less staff, and cost less in terms of utilities and maintenance.

  • 6

    An kushishou franchisee is not required to have any past experience in restaurant industry. Our company provides thorough support and training to all franchise owners.

  • 7

    We maintain a good relationship with our customers, and have many repeat customers. Our menu changes monthly, It will help your restaurant achieve stable and long-term franchise success.

  • 8

    Since it is such a popular delicacy regardless of whether it is in or out of Japan, you are able to open our restaurants anywhere in the world.

  • 9

    Many of our staff members became franchisees and restaurant owners. All of them are successfully run their restaurants.

Even in a narrow space We will help you target areas for new builds or search out potential locations, even in a narrow space. Training in the Kushishou system will provide you with knowledge and insight on how to operate a successful Kushishou's franchise.

Realization of the dream

Owning a franchise means you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. A Kushishou franchise owner will benefit from the expertise of our highly experienced professionals who will provide continuous support for your restaurant.